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Where Business Meets Blockchain

Are you a business owner and have often wondered to yourself how you too can build a crypto token for your business to raise capital? Enterprise Legion Management makes this process super simple. Businesses all over the USA are migrating to the Blockchain and taking advantage of the amazing fundraising benefits available to token issuers. Click the button and fill out the short form to learn more!



ELM Coin Key Features

Smart Contracts

Our team will develop a smart contract for your company that dictates how when and where money flows.

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Our expert technical document preparers will create your official “Agenda Document” or Whitepaper.

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Token Development

Once the Whitepaper is ready to go, we will then develop the token on one of 13 different Blockchains. 

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About us

Discuss The Possibilities With a Consultant Today

When putting your business on the blockchain, the possibilities are endless! The technology that powers some of the worlds most powerful currencies can easily be harnessed by hungry business owners and leveraged into massive process. Click the button below to learn more!



Multiple Case Uses

Your token can use utilized for a variety of use cases. Whatever the needs of your business, your token can serve as a valuable asset!

Use Crypto For Payroll

Create a value driven token system that allows you to transfer your payroll funds into wallets and other platforms so your team, the people that matter most, can get paid with less fees and in less time!

Simplify Vendor Relations

When putting your business on the blockchain, you will be able to leverage this technology to easily create a payment system for your vendors. Pay them faster and cheaper than every before thanks to tokenization. Get started today!

Fire Your Banker

Create a value token system on the blockchain that allows your company to raise money for expansion or expenses via a “crowdfunding”. Lets your fans and customer help you raise money for your business.

meet our team

Our Motivated Team

William Noah

Managing Director

Sofia Rose

UI/UX Designer

Michael Roy

Blockchain Expert

Sylvia Myntle

Web Developer


You Have Questions?

How can i transfer coins to my wallet?

Once your tokens have been created, your Consultant will show you how to migrate these tokens into your Metamask wallet via the Google Chrome plugin. That Metamask wallet will be your connection point going forward for most business related to that token.

How do i peg my token to a stablecoin?

At the time of your token creation, you will be asked to back that token with another Binance based asset, a process known as “adding liquidity”. This process is what creates a per token price that will then be published on many of the popular Decentralized Exchanges such as Pancake Swap. You can choose to back it with a stablecoin such as USDC or the native Binance native BUSD token.

What is the best way to protect market my token?

Once your token has been created and liquidity added, we will then begin the process of LOCKING that liquidity. This will show potential investors that you are serious about maintaining security of the token and that users cannot just run away with liquidity. It also creates a more stable token price which is what investors love to see.

How do i sign up for your services?

The first step is to contact one of our Crypto Consultants via THIS LINK. Once the discovery call has concluded, then you will be prompted to begin the process of transferring assets to the account manager so they may begin the process of creating the token, adding liquidity, then funding wallets for marketing making.

Are their any ongoing fees for your service?

Subscription fees are listed on the Services page located on the main menu at the top of this page.

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