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Who Are We

Our organization is made up of online marketing and finance professionals that have come together to create a Blockchain product that will revolutionize the way small business build equity in their companies.

Enterprise Legion Management has developed a system that allows business owners, in virtually all industries, the ability to “tokenize” their business thus allowing those tokens to be publicly traded for the purpose of raising money. Learn more now by clicking the link below NOW!

The ELMCoin Six Step Process

Our Token Development Program requires six simple steps to be successful. When signing on with us today, our Consultant will carefully walk you through each step. By the time your Consultant has completed their work, your token will be listed on the Decentralized Exchange Pancakeswap and will be ready for purchase!

Sign Up

First step is to sign up with’s Token Development Program! Once we have received payment and your Consultant has completed discovery, the fun begins…


The next step is for us to create your token! Here you will decide how many tokens you want to issue along with what you want your trading symbol to be.

Add Liquidity

After your token has been created, the next step is back your token to an asset worth something, like a BNB token. This will create your token price.

White Paper

Investors will need to know who is handling their money and where that money is going in relation to your projects. This is the purpose of this document. It’s a must have!

The Rest

By this step, your token has been created and liquidity added, and your white paper is ready to go. The next phase is to have your website and logos ready. This is your IDENTITY.


The last and most exciting step is marketing. Our database of Crypto related Youtubers would LOVE to hear about your project and are available for marketing. Time to start selling!

Our Mission

Our mission is simple. We hope to empower all business owners by showing them how to create their own asset classes and use those to better their friends, clients, business associates, and most importantly their communities. Revolutionize the way business owners in your sector transaction by leading the charge with tokenization.

Our Skillset

Our senior developers are have over 20+ combined years in Web & Blockchain development, with a unique focus and hands-on experience in building & customizing B2B applications for multiple business use cases in over 10 countries. Hire only the best with Enterprise Legion Manage. Click the link below to get started!

Three Reasons To

Quality Services

Our "while you wait" approach allows our team deliver your token fast! Tokens are created and liquidity is added on the same day while the other steps take time to build those systems.

24 Hour Support

For your convenience, our chat team is open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. They can assist with most transaction requests and can walk you through most processes. They look forward to working with you!

World Class Team

Our built in processing fees keep our team with "skin in the game". We are vested in all of your projects and will work extra hard to bring your project from idea to tokenization. We hope to partner with you for life!

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